A 21st century pharmacy with traditional values.
We accept most major insurance plans, and you only pay the copays set by your insurance provider.
Our Pharmacy.

The JetRx team is passionate about helping people with their pharmacy needs in modern and effective ways. Our team of Silicon Valley engineers and doctors is introducing innovative methods to enable technology to work for our customers to save them time and money. With the addition of the JetRx mobile app, we are able to streamline the process to be user friendly. Information about your medication, copays, and deliveries is available any time, right on your mobile device, along with the ability to order, track, and receive your medication delivered fast and at no additional cost.

With over 30 collective years of experience, the JetRx team continually strives to be the best in our field and lead the way to innovative ways to serve our customers. We understand that for many of our customers, navigating the world of health insurance, copays, and medical prescriptions can be challenging. With the JetRx mobile app, there’s no more guessing about your copay or coverage, driving in traffic, or waiting in lines at the pharmacy. Let the JetRx team do the work for you!

No hidden fees. All you pay is your copays.
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